1989-1997 Power Window Regulator Rebuild Kit
Installation Instructions


Below are pictures of typical button and regulator gear failures.

Note: This kit will not fix electrical motor failures caused by worn brushes.

Removal of the door panel is the first step.

After the door panel is removed you will need to remove the door speaker.

Carefully remove the liner from the door and locate the power connector for the window regulator.

Next remove the 3 screws holding the motor to the door with a 9mm socket.

Remove the screws with needle nose pliers. If the screws fall you can reach them through the speaker hole.

Reach in the door through the speaker hole and wiggle the motor until it is free.

Now that the motor is removed from the door we can begin the teardown.
Start by removing the Allen head screw with a T20 bit.

Using a knife pry the cover off. Be careful not to bend the cover. You will be able to bend it back.

Next remove the C-clip holding the gear to the shaft. Slight pressure downward and the C-clip will slide off.
Note: Cover the C-clip to prevent loosing it during removal.

After the removal of the C-clip pull the 9 tooth gear out.

Remove the 3 buttons and pull the regulator gear out.

Next step is to clean the regulator case and drive gear. Brake cleaner and a rag works well.
If you have access to compressed air it will help remove any nylon shavings left behind.
Depending on the amount of nylon shavings left you will have to keep cleaning the case until all the shavings are gone.

Note: Removal of the regulator housing from the motor is not covered in this installation.
Two spring loaded brushes provide contact to the electric motor. Very difficult to reassemble.

If you are unsure if the motor is working or want to test it before installing the new gear and cam bushings reconnect it to the car doors wiring harness and operate the window switch. The motor should operate freely in both directions.

Note: If you discover you have a bad window switch replacements are available through Motormight under the HELP product line.
1989-1993 T-Bird/Cougar drivers side replacement window switch two button HELP part number 49209
1994-1997 T-Bird/Cougar drivers and passengers side switch single button HELP part number 49261
1993-1996 Lincoln Mark VIII drivers and passengers side switch single button HELP part number 49263

After the housing is clean you are ready to install the new regulator gear and cam bushings.

Next we will show the best way to reassemble the new regulator gear assembly.

Insert the 9 tooth gear in the 62 tooth regulator about 1/4" of an inch and turn the gear so you can slide the 3 cam bushings in.

Insert the 3 cam bushings in and adjust the gear to allow all three bushings to fit in the corners.

Once all three cam bushings are lined up push them down one at a time. The fit of the cam bushings is tight.
Press the 9 tooth metal gear down into the 62 tooth nylon regulator gear by hand.
You will most likely need to tap the gear down to fully seat it with a plastic or rubber mallet.

You should have a small gap as shown when the two are installed together.

Next you will grease the gears to provide better life of the nylon and smoother operation of the motor.

Apply grease to motor worm gear.

Then to the base of the shaft and the shaft itself. The nylon gear rotates around this shaft.

Apply bead of grease to regulator teeth.

Install the regulator assembly in the case. Rotate the 62 tooth gear until it drops in.

Next reinstall the C-clip. Be careful the clip does not fly off and get lost while trying to reinstall.

Apply grease to 9 tooth gear.

Next apply more grease to the cover lip and reinstall.

To complete the rebuild reinstall the hex head screw with a T20 bit.

Before reinstalling the motor in the door verify it's operation.
Reconnect the power to the motor and operate the switch in both directions.

Reinstalling the motor is the opposite of removal.

After the motor is back in the door verify the window operation.

Reattach the door panel.

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