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SOLD OUT! BHJ Harmonic Balancer for '89-93 SC/XR7

Due to slow sales we are no longer offering the BHJ balancers. Sorry.

WINTER SPECIAL: 75mm Throttle body - Polished Finish

A terrific upgrade to the induction side of your engine. Get rid of that puny 60mm stock unit and experience an easy gain of 10 to 12 HP.
This item is for the Show Polished Finish!
$163.76 $147.89

WINTER SPECIAL: '91-93 5.0L SCP 3-Piece Accessory Underdrive Pulley Set

Made specifically for your '91-93 5.0L Tbird or Cougar! An easy bolt on that yields 12 to 15 HP.

$140.99 $94.83

WINTER SPECIAL: Front Suspension Bushings for the Rear of the Strut Rod - Set for both sides

A set of four rear strut rod bushings (RSRB) to replace both sides of your car.

$60.43 $55.93

WINTER SPECIAL: Front Suspension Poly Bushings for the Front of the Strut Rod - Set for both sides

This item is for a set of four front poly strut rod bushings (FSRB) to upgrade both sides of your car.

$109.83 $102.09

WINTER SPECIAL: Lightweight Rear Coil Overs - With Single Adjustable QA1 Shocks

Super Coupe Performance has again taken suspension tuning to a NEW LEVEL! Perfect for optimum handling on the street or track.

$711.74 $697.79

WINTER SPECIAL: Rear "UHMW" Mark VIII Lower Control Arm Bushings (or Tbird/Cougar with Upgraded Mark VIII Arms)...Pair

This item is for a pair of bushings for one rear Mark VIII style aluminum lower control arm (LCA). This item is sold "per side" so purchase two if you want a complete set for both sides. This item is designed for all years of Lincoln Mark VIII and '89-97 Tbird/Cougars that have been switched to the Mark VIII LCAs.

$156.53 $147.63

WINTER SPECIAL: Rear Subframe Bushing Kit - Premium UHMW

Super Coupe Performance has developed a set of UHMW bushings to upgrade your rear subframe. The kit is a set four upper and four lower mounts.

$429.86 $416.83