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Replace those wimpy fluid filled mounts for better performance and substantially improved durability. Simply the finest mounts available for your car and ours don't raise the center of gravity of your engine. No perceptible increase in vibration or we will give your money back!

$67.64 $61.76

WINTER SPECIAL: 3.8L SC 3-Piece Accessory Underdrive Pulley Set - Show Polished Aluminum

An easy bolt on that yields 12 to 15 HP. This lightweight aluminum kit provides dramatically less parasitic drag from your accessories means more power can go to the rear wheels. These are no gimmick...they work like a charm!

$296.53 $276.98

WINTER SPECIAL: Lightweight Front Coil Overs - With Single Adjustable QA1 Shocks

Super Coupe Performance has again taken suspension tuning to a NEW LEVEL! Perfect for optimum handling on the street or track.

$754.32 $735.88

WINTER SPECIAL: Magnum Powers 85mm Throttle Body

The ULTIMATE throttle body for your 3.8L SC engine. This unit is designed to work best with the Magnum Powers Supercharger Inlet Plenum/MPx blower. It will will fit a standard inlet plenum but substantial porting will be required to port match the 85mm inside diameter to the plenum inlet.

$338.76 $326.84

WINTER SPECIAL: Rear Spindle/Knuckle UHMW Bushing Kit

Eliminate deflection in your rear suspension spindles with our new, UHMW bushing kit. These have proven to be a major help to eliminate wheel hop also as the rear spindles can bounce front to back, as well as up and down during extremely hard take offs in a upgraded car.
$341.76 $330.93