Stage 2 AOD Torque Converter

Our 9.5" Stage 2 converter will be a HUGH upgrade to your car! Gains of up to .5 seconds in the quarter mile.


SCP will attempt to meet or beat any other sources pricing on an identical item. Call us to discuss 513-697-6501.

Our Stage 2 converter is designed to fit the stock input shafts but can be configured with or without direct drive (lockup).    Best option for a stock to mildly modified engine.

  • Forged billet front cover!
  • Uses stock input shafts.
  • Can be built with or without direct drive.
  • Rated to safely handle 350rwhp and 6500rpms.
  • An increased capacity roller clutch increases load capability to 450ftlb for an additional $50
  • Furnace brazed pump.
  • Aluminum stator with Torrington bearings.
  • Furnace brazed turbine.
  • Only weighs 25lbs for serious weight reduction
  • Computer balanced
  • Stalls range from 2400 rpms to 5500 depending on application.
  • Hardware included

These are built to a customers order and are custom configured to suite your car and its modifications.   A range of stall speeds is available to suite your needs.   Please call us to discuss/order.


NOTE:   Other custom made converters are available to suite any range of power, stall speed, and driving situation.   We also offer converters that are designed to work with the upgraded one piece input shafts.   CALL US TO INQUIRE.

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