A NEW YEAR SPECIAL everyone can use to purchase the best front and rear strut rod bushings available in the aftermarket at the BEST PRICE! NOTE, this item assumes your order total is OVER $200

SCP will attempt to meet or beat any other sources pricing on an identical item. Call us to discuss 513-697-6501.

This is a NEW YEAR SPECIAL that SCP is offering for a limited time that offers the BEST front and rear strut rod bushings that are available in the aftermarket at an excellent price!  These bushing are for the '89-97 Thunderbirds/Cougars and also fit the '93-98 Mark VIIIs.


Normally the poly front strut rod bushings are $107.99 and our exact replica bushings for the rear of the strut rod are $49.99 or a total of $157.98 for both kits.   SAVE BIG when purchasing this SPECIAL for only $100 shipped to the lower 48 for both the front and rear bushing sets.


Remember, to take advantage of this special your grand total for your whole order needs to be over $200.    If purchased by itself this items total will be revised to $120.99 with FREE SHIPPING prior to your order being processed.



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