OBSOLETE: Tokico Electronic Adjustable Shocks - For Factory ARC System

SOLD OUT. OEM type electronically adjustable shock.


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Obsolete Item Now


A terrific factory replacement electronically controlled shock. 30% firmer than stock in the "Firm" mode. These shocks will allow you to retain the adjustable ride control and are a direct bolt in item for the '89-95 Thunderbird SC and the '89/91 Cougar XR7


If you wish to retain the factory Adjustable Ride Control (ARC) system, this is your best and only choice, other than the long time obsolete factory replacement shocks from Ford.


This order assumes a set of four shocks.



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Super Coupe Performance offers polyurethane rear shock mount kits for all 1989 - 1997 Thunderbirds and Cougars. Two kits are offered ARC and non ARC. The 1989 -1995 Super Coupe and '89-91 XR7 uses the ARC (automatic ride control) while the other V6 and V8 cars used the standard rear shocks (non ARC).

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