35th Anniversary Leather Reupholstery Kit

SCP now offers a specific kit for the 1990 Thunderbirds with the 35th Anniversary package. These can be as stock as you want or can be mildly customized to suite any taste.

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Is your 35th Anniversary model's interior letting you down and getting you down?  Keeping the original gray pigskin leather from getting all dirtly looking is hard to do.   The black leather also has a tendency to crack and look horrible over time.  Well, SCP has exactly what you need to make your 35th Anni look like new on the inside!


We offer a replacement leather kit that is as close as humanly possible to the original Ford seats.   Our kit includes all new material with the black outer areas and the gray inner areas running from the front of the seat up to and including the head rests.   The gray material is perforated (holes punched in the leather) in a pattern approximately 1/4" x 1/4"  with the hole sizing as close to the original as we could get.  In between the black and gray material there is bold blue suede piping, just like the original. 


As can be seen in many of the pictures shown for this item we can customize the original seats in many ways.   We can change the amount of gray material to limit it within the inner seating surfaces.  We can offer logos in a Tbird Wing or a "SC" lettering.   We can offer contrasting stitching on outer areas of the seating in either gray or the same bold blue color as the piping.  We can customize these in ANY WAY YOU WISH!


This kit includes new fitted material for both the front and rear seats (folding or non-folding) and the head rests. This kit is SPECIFIC to the 1990 Thunderbird SC 35th Anniversary cars.  Our 35th Anniversary kit features two color leather inner & outer seat panels and high grade vinyl for the sides and backs on the front seats.   This kit upgrades the back seats with two color leather on both the inner & outer seating surfaces and high grade vinyl for all other surfaces. Your choice of suede and/or perforated material is included with this kit. Logos can be embroidered on the front seat backs or headrests as an option. Factory blue type piping is included for an exact factory look and appearance.


This kit is designed for the DIY person or you may have them professionally installed by a local upholstery shop. Includes an installation kit with hog ring pliers and a sufficient quantity of hog rings.


Options available:

- Suede material is included with this kit!

- Suede blue piping is included in this kit!

- Leather wrap is available for your console cover for $75

- Contrasting blue or gray color stitching is available with this kit for $42

- A Tbird "Wing" or "SC" logos may be stitched into the seat back or head rest for a $72 surcharge per pair of logos.

- Perforated material for the center seating area is included with this kit.


As you can see, we can truly CUSTOMIZE your interior to satisfy your needs. Due to the MANY different possibilities for this item we ask that you call us to order so we get it right the first time.


Remember that this item is for the front and back seats and all head rests. If you are looking for a front pair or rear set only then the cost will be 70% of the pricing shown for the complete set.  Call us for a custom order like this.

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