About Us

Super Coupe Performance (SCP)  is a niche retailer of performance automotive parts offering unequaled customer service, technical expertise, as well as product installation.  We specialize in performance parts for the '89-97 Thunderbirds and Cougars and the Lincoln Mark VIII.  You will not find a similar retailer anywhere that has the depth and breath of performance and replacement parts for these vehicles like SCP offers.  The Tbirds/Cougars/Mark VIIIs are not in the main stream of performance vehicles like your typical Mustang so finding someone knowledgeable about their specifics is virtually impossible, but SCP is like a beacon of light in a dark world for these awesome cars.  New customers are amazed we have SO MUCH PRODUCT that is unique to these applications and they can actually speak with someone on the phone or get a quick email response from someone who knows all about their car.

Finding quality parts for your ride at the big box Internet retailers or EBay is impossible and they really don't care to even talk with you if you don't own a Mustang.   The big box sales staff are also full of bad advise as they only speak from a "Mustang" frame of mind.  Believe us, what works for a Mustang does NOT always work for your Tbird/Cougar/Mark VIII.  Call us or email us with any question, concern or part requests.  We have thousands of parts specific to your vehicle and also have access to many great used parts from salvage cars.   We have a "Low Price Guarantee" so you can be assured of a great deal along with our unsurpassed customer service, product knowledge and FAST shipping.  We also offer Lay-Away plans up to a year in length!

SCP was started in 1996 and was originally affiliated with the Super Coupe Club of America.  Our owner, Bill Evanoff, was the SCCoA club Coordinator for many years and our products were offered through the club newsletter and website.  We separated from the club in 1998 due to tremendous growth as we began offering parts for all the Tbirds/Cougars/Mark VIIIs, not just specifically the Thunderbird SC. 

We are located on the east side of Cincinnati, Ohio in the town of Milford. 

Our address is:  974 Business 28, Suite C, Milford, OH 45150

We are less than a mile from the Route 28 exit on the I-275 loop around Cincinnati.  We are outside the I-275 loop and approx. 500 yards from the Castrucci Ford dealership on what is commonly called "Old Route 28" or "Business 28".


Business Hours:

Monday - Friday 10am - 6 pm EST.  Appointments on Saturday are available upon request.

Telephone:  513-697-6501,   Fax:   513-697-0580  Email:  bill@supercoupeperformance.com