Intercooler Resealing Tape & Gasket Eliminator

The PROPER stuff to reseal your intercooler tubing so you do not have any vacuum leaks. This item is for four strips of resealing tape and a tube of gasket eliminator.


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The intercooler tubing MUST be resealed properly each time it is separated. We offer the proper Ford resealing tape for 1/3rd the price your Ford dealer will offer it to you, if they can even find you some. If you have disassembled your IC tube and now your car is running rough, you likely have a vacuum leak and did not seal everything properly.


The supercharger top and the inlet plenum must also be resealed properly when they are separated from the supercharger case. We offer the proper gasket eliminator product to seal these items back to the case. DO NOT use any type of RTV for this purpose as it can break off and be injested into your engine.


This item is for four strips of resealing tape and a tube of gasket eliminator.


To use the resealing tape your IC tubes must be perfectly clean at the angled sealing surfaces. Once clean, peal off the backing material on the back side of the tape to reveal the adhesive strip and lay the tape in a circular fashion around either the male or female angled sealing surface and then overlay the ends in a cross. Do not try to butt the tape ends together. This may cause a vacuum leak.


The gasket eliminator is easy to use. Just squeeze a continuous 1/16" wide bead of fluid around the sealing surface and bolt together. The sealing surfaces MUST be clean and cleaned of all old sealing material.

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