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Magnum Powers Front Mounted Intercooler System - Obsolete Item Now

Unfortunately, Magnum Powers no longer offers the FMIC system. In the future if a group of 12-15 customers can make a Group Buy we can produce another batch but individual orders are no longer being offered at this time.


MEGA SUMMER SPECIAL: MPx Magnum Powers Supercharger Case & Inlet Plenum

The MPx 90 cubic inch displacement Supercharger case is cast from 356-T6 aluminum. This material is significantly stronger than the factory Eaton material. It has longer intake and exit port duration then the factory Eaton design allowing the supercharger to easily be spun much faster without loosing volumetric efficiency, which results in the generation of excessive heat.

$1,150.99 $900.99

Front Lower Chin Spoiler - RUN COOLER & IMPROVES PERFORMANCE ON '89-93 SCs!

EVERY '89-93 Super Coupe/XR7 owner that has ever seen their car run warm has struggled with reducing coolant temperatures. Magnum Powers has the answer! Their new chin spoiler reduces coolant temperatures by grabbing air and pushing it into the radiator, intercooler, & AC condenser for significantly lower temperature readings and improved performance.


Magnum Powers 10 Rib 15% SC & JS Pulley Kit , Belt & Tensioner Springs

This package includes a pair of 10 rib pulleys for the supercharger and the jackshaft that give a total of 15% overdrive for the supercharger. A premium quality 10 rib SC belt is included as well as a pair of the stiffer tensioner springs.


Magnum Powers 85mm Throttle Body

The ULTIMATE throttle body for your 3.8L SC engine. This unit is designed to work best with the Magnum Powers Supercharger Inlet Plenum/MPx blower. It will will fit a standard inlet plenum but substantial porting will be required to port match the 85mm inside diameter to the plenum inlet.


Magnum Powers "Classic" Big Bore Throat SC Top

The original!  No other SC top throat is bigger! The only enlarged throat supercharger top available with a thin, stock looking lower flange. Our BRAND NEW aluminum castings provide superior flow capability with a larger throat opening than ANY welded top that uses a spacer.


Heavy Duty Tensioner Spring Set - A MUST HAVE ITEM!!

When over driving your supercharger there is a tremendous amount of pressure put on the belts to keep them in contact with the supercharger spinning upwards of 15,000 RPM or higher. The stock supercharger and jack shaft belt tensioners are simply NOT up to the task so we are now offering a pair of heavy duty tensioner springs for these tensioner arms. This item includes two springs. One for the crank to jackshaft belt, and one for the jackshaft to supercharger belt.


Magnum Powers 10% Overdrive Crankshaft Pulley

This billet aluminum crank pulley is significantly lighter than the stock steel crank pulley and best of allows for another 10% of overdrive on the supercharger without worrying about belt slippage. Typically adds 3 to 4 psi of boost.