Coated Rotors with Upgraded Bearing Plate from Magnum Powers

Adding horsepower has never been as guaranteed as installing a set of abradable coated rotors to your M90 supercharger with the dramatically improved Magnum Powers bearing pack!

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An abradable coating is a coating made of an abradable material – meaning if it rubs against a more abrasive material in motion, the former will be worn whereas the latter will face no wear.   When sprayed accurately on to the aluminum rotors within the M90 supercharger these will create much tighter tolerances between the case and the rotors which increases efficiency, lowers inlet air charge temperatures, and simply adds power to your engine.   In independant tests on a mid-300 HP Super Coupe engine by a well known builder this setup increased power output by 10%!   This upgrade has become a MUST HAVE within the SC community!


If you have an early Eaton M90 supercharger with the 9 bolt pattern we offer to have your existing rotors sprayed with the same coating that Eaton Corporation uses for their Gen 4, Gen 5 and newest TVS style superchargers.  This package also includes our upgraded bearing plate that incorporated Gen 5 trapped air ports that eliminate inefficiencies with the old design plate by improving air flow.   To be clear, this upgrade is done to your existing bearing pack which includes the bearing plate behind the supercharger nose, the gear set, and both rotors.  The customer will disassemble their supercharger and send in your bearing pack for this impressive upgrade.   Timing is approximately 6 weeks which can vary depending upon your location which affects shipping duration.


This coating will not flake off which is typical for the original coating that was factory installed on the '94/95 superchargers.   The '89-93 models had no coating at all, hence another reason for their lesser efficiency.   As you can see in two of the pictures, it is common for the original rotor coating to either wear off or flake off in chunks and this coating will be either stuck in the intercooler blocking air flow or potentially can be injested into the engine.  This coating will literally last the life of the supercharger.

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