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UPGRADED DuraGrip Traction-Lok (Posi) Assembly for 8.8" Rear End - 28 Spline - IRS Specific!

Complete new upgraded Traction-Lok (TL) assembly with TWICE THE CLAMPING FORCE as our regular unit! This TL unit is designed to specifically fit the Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) cars such as the '89-97 Tbirds/Cougars, the '93-98 Mark VIIIs, and the 28-spline IRS Cobras. NOTE - The TL units from a solid axle car are NOT compatible with the IRS applications.


PRE-BUY....Crank Position Sensor - Gen 1 & 2 V6 SHO

SCP has reproduced the obsolete Gen 1 and 2 SHO Crankshaft Position Sensors! Get em' while you can.

PRE-BUY....Crank Position Sensor - '89-93 Thunderbird SC

SCP has reproduced the obsolete early model Crankshaft Position Sensors! Get em' while you can.

IN STOCK: Bullitt Style Wheel 18 x 9" - 5 x 4.25"

This is a classic Bullitt style look-alike aftermarket 18x9" wheel with proper backspacing and 5 x 4.25" bolt pattern to fit the '89-97 Tbirds/Cougars and the '93-98 Mark VIII.

Coated Rotors with Upgraded Bearing Plate from Magnum Powers

Adding horsepower has never been as guaranteed as installing a set of abradable coated rotors to your M90 supercharger with the dramatically improved Magnum Powers bearing pack!

PERFORMANCE PACKAGE #2 from Magnum Powers - $150 Off

This Performance Package with a stock long block is capable of huge power gains for stock or modified engines when combined with other supporting air flow and fuel upgrades.

$2,441.95 $2,292.99


A NEW YEAR SPECIAL everyone can use to purchase the best front and rear strut rod bushings available in the aftermarket at the BEST PRICE! NOTE, this item assumes your order total is OVER $200

1991 Thunderbird SC - Incredible MINT Condition

Northern California Car - NO RUST! Everything done to perfection!