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UPGRADED DuraGrip Traction-Lok (Posi) Assembly for 8.8" Rear End - 28 Spline - IRS Specific!

Complete new upgraded Traction-Lok (TL) assembly with TWICE THE CLAMPING FORCE as our regular unit! This TL unit is designed to specifically fit the Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) cars such as the '89-97 Tbirds/Cougars, the '93-98 Mark VIIIs, and the 28-spline IRS Cobras. NOTE - The TL units from a solid axle car are NOT compatible with the IRS applications.


PRE-BUY Next Batch.... Crank Position Sensor - Gen 1 & 2 V6 SHO

We have a new batch in the works! Timing should be approx. mid-October, 2020. Get your order in now for the lowest price and a guarantee that you will receive one as quick as possible. SCP has reproduced the obsolete Gen 1 and 2 SHO Crankshaft Position Sensors!

IN STOCK! Crank Position Sensor - '89-93 Thunderbird SC

SCP has reproduced the obsolete early model Crankshaft Position Sensors! Get em' while you can.

IN STOCK: Bullitt Style Wheel 18 x 9" - 5 x 4.25"

This is a classic Bullitt style look-alike aftermarket 18x9" wheel with proper backspacing and 5 x 4.25" bolt pattern to fit the '89-97 Tbirds/Cougars and the '93-98 Mark VIII.

Coated Rotors with Upgraded Bearing Plate from Magnum Powers

Adding horsepower has never been as guaranteed as installing a set of abradable coated rotors to your M90 supercharger with the dramatically improved Magnum Powers bearing pack!

PERFORMANCE PACKAGE #2 from Magnum Powers - $150 Off

This Performance Package with a stock long block is capable of huge power gains for stock or modified engines when combined with other supporting air flow and fuel upgrades.

$2,441.95 $2,292.99

1991 Thunderbird SC - Incredible MINT Condition

Northern California Car - NO RUST! Everything done to perfection!

EGR Block Off Plate - 304 Stainless Steel

This block off plate fits all engines for all years for the '89-97 Thunderbirds/Cougars and the '93-98 Mark VIIIs.