AJE Tubular Front Subframe with Control Arms / Motor Mounts

Anthony Jones Engineering (AJE) has totally redesigned and dramatically improved their tubular Thunderbird/Cougar/Mark VIII front subframe. Comes with new A-arm type lower control arms.

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The totally redesigned and improved AJE front subframe kit makes working on your car much easier.   55 pound weight savings!   This subframe is applicable to the '89-97 Thunderbird/Cougar and all year Mark VIIIs.


Includes a strong fully welded tubular steel subframe with A-arm type lower control arms with premium ball joints, Nylon bushings and custom motor mounts to fit virtually all engine applications (3.8L V6, 5.0L push rod, 5.0L Coyotee, 4.6L SOHC and DOHC, Big Block Fords and even LS swaps).   Black powder coated finish.


This setup allows use of the stock shocks and springs or works perfectly with the QA1 coilovers.   Upper control arms, spindles, sway bar and end links are also reused.  The front strut rod and both sets of bushings are no longer used.   Get rid of your weighty, large, and complicated stock subframe.   More detailes and pictures forthcoming.   2 year warranty on workmanship and material.


NOTE, the manufacturers price for this kit is $1400 + shp.   SCP would love to earn your business and one way to do that is by offering this awesome kit at a lower price!   Call us with any questions and to order...513-697-6501

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