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76mm Mass Air Flow Housing

A larger MAF Housing is an awesome intake power upgrade for virtually any engine. These American made housings provide proper calibration with a range of fuel injector sizes through the use of interchangeable sampling tubes within the body of the housing.

NOS Crank Position Sensor - '89-93 style

If you are a lover of NEW OLD STOCK items SCP has three of these available. Get em' while you can!!

Steel Throttle Valve (TV) Grommet - Can SAVE Your AOD Trans.

Everyone should have one of these steel grommets/clips on your Throttle Body. These can save your transmission from burning up if the rubber grommet fails and the TV cable pops loose. If this happens your AOD transmission can become toast in a matter of minutes.

MAFS Replacement Sampling Tubes

Required when you upgrade your fuel injectors. Available for 19, 24, 30, 36, 38, and 42# injectors.


Belt Tensioner Assembly for the Accessory Belt

The belt tensioner that serves the main accessory belt on the 3.8L supercharged motors is prone to cracking where the tensioner springs are attached on the body. These are located next to the cars alternator. This item will fit all years...'89-95


Bright Aluminum Tensioner Arm Covers - Set of 3

This set of three bright lightweight aluminum tensioner covers really dresses up your ugly tensioner arms. A GREAT dress up item!


Solid Rubber STOCK HEIGHT V6 Motor Mounts

Replace those wimpy fluid filled mounts for better performance and substantially improved durability. Simply the finest mounts available for your car and ours don't raise the center of gravity of your engine. No perceptible increase in vibration or we will give your money back!


SOLD OUT! BHJ Harmonic Balancer for '89-93 SC/XR7

Due to slow sales we are no longer offering the BHJ balancers. Sorry.