SOLD OUT! BHJ Harmonic Balancer for '89-93 SC/XR7

Due to slow sales we are no longer offering the BHJ balancers. Sorry.
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Due to slow sales we are no longer carrying the BHJ balancers.   In the future we make offer a Group Buy if there is sufficient interest.


Everyone is looking for a high performance alternative to the weak rubber/aluminum harmonic balancer. Super Coupe Performance has the answer from B-H-J Dynamics!!


This BILLET STEEL construction balancer (with imbedded rubber ring) is perfect as a stock replacement or will hold up under high HP conditions. Basically, you get a premium quality dampener for a little more than what the now obsolete weak stock or aftermarket balancers cost.


WARNING ABOUT THE DORMAN BALANCERS OUT THERE: Dorman typically makes a decent product but the balancers they offer for these SC motors are INFERIOR and have an unfortunate reputation for failing within 3-6 months. They are made similar to the factory balancers, which are already known to fail. Don't waste your cash on these!!   Do this job once and be done!  Or, you can do it repeately by buying Dorman balancers.  We show a picture of one of the shiny new Dorman units broken off at the snout. The stock balancers are known to fail at this point also or they separate at the rubber ring as shown in another picture.


HERE ARE THE EMAILED COMMENTS FROM ONE OF MANY OF OUR CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE HAD A SIMILAR EXPERIENCE WITH THE DORMAN BALANCERS: ..... "My name is Alex L. I am from Ontario, Canada. I own a '93 T-Bird SC in mint shape and I just had the engine redone. During the first year after the rebuild I went through 2 Dorman harmonic balancers from NAPA Auto Parts. Both failed at the neck where it attaches to the nose of the crank. (SEE PIC PROVIDED) After reading your site that Dorman balancers are crap and a waste of money I totally agree! You are so right as my car is sitting in my garage waiting on a new BHJ balancer from SCP which I'm sure will work perfectly."


You must install your original crank sensor ring to the new balancer. It is held to your old balancer with four small screws and is an easy swap. These balancers are zero balanced from BHJ. This means that they will bolt to a fully balanced reciprocating assembly with no modifications. One must use a zero balance crankshaft pulley, such as the one provided in the SCP 3-piece accessory pulley set. One can also have their stock crankshaft pulley rebalanced at a local engine shop.


Due to the rubber in the stock balancers, the older SC's and XR7's with high mileage have been failing stock dampeners like crazy the past few years. It is also very common for the hub of the balancer to break off leaving a ring still attached to your crankshaft and the balancer bolt will be broken off in the nose of your crank. When a stock dampener fails, it can break your crankshaft in a worst case scenario, requiring a complete engine rebuild! At a minimum, it will take out your crank sensor and everything else around it when it lets loose and leaves you stranded when you least expect it.


BE PROACTIVE, NOT DUMB-ACTIVE and change out your old rubber/aluminum balancer before the rubber fails or the shank breaks away and has you walking! We have the appropriate new bolt/washers also as Ford calls these a one-time use bolt. We also offer new front timing chain crank nose seals too as these tend to leak as they age. So, why not change this also as it is right in front of you while doing this job!

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