Steel Throttle Valve (TV) Grommet - Can SAVE Your AOD Trans.

Everyone should have one of these steel grommets/clips on your Throttle Body. These can save your transmission from burning up if the rubber grommet fails and the TV cable pops loose. If this happens your AOD transmission can become toast in a matter of minutes.

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If you own a '89-93 Thunderbird or Cougar this item is a MUST HAVE purchase to replace your old rubber grommet that is on your Throttle Body.     If your Throttle Valve (TV) Cable separates from the old grommet your AOD automatic transmission literally will self destruct within a short period of time.    

So, be Pro-Active, not Dumb-Active and replace your old cracked and loose rubber or plastic grommet today and replace it with this steel alternative with a clip and it will last the life of your car!


Includes one steel grommet and one clip.     Instructions:   Remove your old rubber or plastic grommet on the throttle body.   Install the steel bushing in the Tbody hole with the flat side out on the side opposite the cable.  Insert the  TV cable stud through the grommet and hold it i place with the provided clip.

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