IN STOCK! Crank Position Sensor - '89-93 Thunderbird SC

SCP has reproduced the obsolete early model Crankshaft Position Sensors! Get em' while you can.
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Super Coupe Performance has been able to source replacement Crank Position Sensors for the '89-93 Thunderbird SC models.  This "Gotta Have It or the car won't start" part has been obsolete for over two years now and no large aftermarket company such as Standard Motor Products is going to offer them any longer.   Since we love these cars and want to support them as they get older we took it upon ourselves to provide a new batch of MADE IN AMERICA sensors that were as accurate to the originals as possible.


We have ordered a batch of these sensors but we believe they will sell out quickly as we anticipate customers buying one for their car and perhaps one or two extras to put on their "some day I'll need this" shelf. 


These sensors are slightly longer than the originals so installation is easier and you can tuck the wiring out of the way unlike the original which was barely long enough to fit.   The wiring harness is also thinner than the old fashioned plastic loom material also making it easier to work with.   One change is that we could no longer source the original style single pin ground connector.   This single wire is actually for shielding against radio interference.   The car will run perfectly without this attached.   We have chosen another style weather-proof single pin connector and we include the opposite side connector along with its uninstalled pin that you can use to mate the two connectors if you wish.


The accurate positioning of these sensors has always been crucial.   You need to have equal space on both sides of the trigger vanes to the slot on the sensor so the vanes do not potentially make contact with the sensor during initial start up.   We suggest turning the engine over slowly with a breaker bar to verify there will be no interference.    Ignoring this step will bring you right back here to order another one.


One Year Warranty.

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