Front Suspension Kit - Stage 2 for Tbird/Cougar

Our Stage 2 kit includes everything in our Stage 1 kit and upgrades many of the bushings to polyurethane and adds our Accurate Steering Package
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FRONT SUSPENSION STAGE 2 KIT for the '89-97 Thunderbirds and Cougars

An all inclusive kit for the front suspension that includes everything from our Stage 1 kit plus numerous upgraded polyurethane bushings, and the steering components.   Includes all premium control arms, steering components and premium bushings that are the same or better than Original Equipment!



  • Right and Left Upper Control Arms 
  • Right and Left Lower Control Arms
  • Pair of sway bar end links.   Tell us what year car you have as the '89-92 models are different than the '93+ models.
  • Two pairs of our POLY Front Strut Rod Bushings
  • Two pairs of our OEM replica Rear Strut Rod Bushings - Just like E9SZ-3A140-A and E9SZ-3A140-B
  • Pair of poly front Sway Bar bushings... 1 1/16" diameter
  • Pair of poly Lower Control Arm bushings
  • Pair of poly Shock Bump Stops
  • Pair of Inner Tie Rods
  • Pair of Outer Tie Rods
  • Pair of poly Outer Tie Rod grease boots
  • Pair of poly Rack Mount Bushings

All items cover BOTH sides of the vehicle.


Pictures of these individual items are shown elsewhere within the Suspension section of this site.  As a reminder, PLEASE avoid the blue and black Thermoplastic material front and rear strut rod bushings commonly sold under a wide variety of manufacturers names.   THESE ARE JUNK and should be avoided at all cost as they will not perform to your expectations.

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