SPECIAL: Tork Tech Supercharger for the '94-97 4.6L Thunderbird/Cougar

Tork Tech Terminator GT Kits.


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Tork Tech Intercooled Terminator GT Kit! 


Super Coupe Performance is a dealer for the AWESOME line of Tork Tech superchargers (www.TorkTech.com) .   For the '94-97 4.6L Thunderbirds and Cougars we recommend their Intercooled Terminator GT kits.  This is a partial supercharger kit that is very budget oriented but sacrifices NOTHING as far as performance is concerned. 


This kit is capable of a wide range of power depending upon what supercharger is used.  We recommend a stock factory Cobra/Eaton supercharger for those customers with stock rods and pistons wanting to make approx. 400 RWHP safely.   For those customers with "built" engines wanting more power we suggest a ported Cobra blower, which is capable up to the 500 RWHP range, or any aftermarket superchargers that were originally intended for use on a '03/04 Cobra.   This can include offerings from Whipple, Kenny Bell, or the excellent VMP 2300 TVS supercharger.  We have customers making far in excess of 600 RWHP with these more efficient aftermarket superchargers.


On a the Tork Tech website there is a ton of information about these kits   SEE THIS LINK HERE to learn more about the IC Terminator GT Kit.   To learn more about this kit we encourage you to read some of their Frequently Asked Questions, so take a look specifically at FAQ's # 1, 4 and 5 USING THIS LINK HERE.


After you look at their site call SCP with any questions you have and to order. These kits are all custom ordered so please call to place your order.