76mm Mass Air Flow Housing

A larger MAF Housing is an awesome intake power upgrade for virtually any engine. These American made housings provide proper calibration with a range of fuel injector sizes through the use of interchangeable sampling tubes within the body of the housing.

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A very popular intake path upgrade to get rid of that puny early style 55mm stock housing and even the later 70mm housings that had a large bridge going through the center (which actually made them behave like a 55mm unit also).  These polished aluminum 76mm housings look as awesome as they perform.   Capable of providing enough air to a 400 HP engine!!


Includes your choice of a properly calibrated sampling tube to match your injector size. This meter is easily recalibrated when injector size is changed. You do not have to buy a sampling tube separately as one comes with this MAFS housing.


Reuses your existing Ford electronics. New electronics are NOT included with this item. These are a huge improvement over the factory Ford meters. Expect a 15 HP improvement on cars with other intake mods and an improved exhaust system!


Simple 15 minute installation.


NOTE: We can also special order a 80 mm MAFS body for ultra high performance applications. Call us to order this bad boy!  These will require a custom tune.


Replaceable Sampling Tube - Allows easy meter recalibrations in about ten minutes if you ever upgrade fuel injectors in the future. A sampling tube of your choice is included with the meter, but if you change injector size different sampling tubes are inexpensive and available from SCP.   Other brands of MAFS requires that you send their meter back to the factory for recalibration at a cost of approx. $100. Downtime will be about 2 weeks.


Attractive polished aluminum finish.   Note, these housings do not have the 3 legs that attach to the factory air box like the originals but do bolt up quickly and easily to virtually any intake system.


This unit has a 3" clamping diameter that bolts up to the stock intake tube as well as the SCP 3" Fresh Air System. If you have a 3.5" intake tube then we can provide inexpensive adapters to make this fit. Call us to order.



 MAFS Tech Questions:


What is a MAF "Calibration"??

When someone refers to "calibration", they are talking about the voltage value that the Mass Airflow unit provides to the computer, given a certain amount of airflow. These values may be checked at various flow points to plot out what can be referred to as a "curve". It is ideal, in an application where the stock MAF has been replaced with an upgraded unit, for the MAF voltage to have a curve that is very close to that of the stock unit. This will ensure a proper air/fuel ratio, assuming that the Ford engineers optimized the programming of the computer processor. This, however does not take into account the fact that you have increased the amount of airflow available by installing the larger MAF unit. This is where our extensive use of the dyno comes in extremely handy. By spending many hours fine-tuning the calibrations, we are able to find a voltage curve that provides the vehicle with the ultimate in performance without any sacrifices in gas mileage or driveablility. This is because our calibrations are optimizing the air/fuel ratios. C&L Performance is the only mass airflow manufacturer that has used an in-house dynamometer to extract the best possible MAF curves. The results of these tests are available for you to view on this website and in our advertising.


How are MAF units Calibrated?

These mass airflow units are quite unique in that they allow the consumer the ability to alter their MAF calibration without having to send their unit back to the manufacturer. Obviously, the main advantage to this is that you will never have a period of time where your vehicle is out of commission. But the advantages don't end there. There is a substantial cost savings as well, as the recalibration of one of these units is approx. $45 and you can still return your calibration back to stock in the future, as you will still have the original calibration tube. The same can not be said for our competitor's unit, as you must return the unit to them for re-calibration at a cost of around $100 each time. If you decide to buy a new vehicle that has a different size fuel injectors you will still need to return their unit and pay again for the recalibration. This is not true of our unit. The reason for such a cost savings is that when you recalibrate this unit, you are physically changing the way airflow travels across you stock, unmodified sensing element.


How Does the MAF Work With Larger Injectors?

The purpose of changing the MAF calibration for use with larger injector sizes is to make the computer think that less air is actually entering the engine. By doing this, (which ALL aftermarket meters from ALL manufacturers do) you are making the computer reduce the duration of time that it is opening the fuel injectors at a given air flow rate. The larger the injector that is used, the more the voltage is dropped, and in return, the shorter the time the injectors are pulsed by the computer. This "tricking" of the computer is how a MAF allows the consumer to use a larger fuel injector than what originally came on your vehicle from the factory. Over the years, we have heard that people have said that our unit "tricks" the computer and that our competitor's method does not. This is truly ludicrous, as the only way that you can calibrate a meter for larger injectors is to reduce the output voltage, and ALL aftermarket air meters use this method to "trick" the computer. The most important thing to consider is that changing the calibration for larger injectors must reduce the voltage to the proper level for the ideal air/fuel ratio. We have spent countless hours on the dyno and at the track to ensure that our calibrations will deliver a winning combination.

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