SCP 3" Fresh-Air Induction System - without Air Box

Uncork your inlet and bolt-on 15HP!! A MUST for those power hungry types looking to spruce up their engine compartments.

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Now available without the air box at a terrific LOWER PRICE!


The SCP Fresh Air System includes an eye popping silver powder coat mandrel bent inlet tube. Uncork your inlet and bolt-on 15HP!! A MUST for those power hungry types looking to spruce up their engine compartments. Basically, this system is IDENTICAL to our larger 3.5" system, but has a 3" inlet tube.


Includes High flow 6" Conical Filter, and 3" silver powder coat Mandrel Bent Inlet Tube with factory vacuum fitting.  We used to do the tube in a chrome finish as shown but the powder coating is more durable.


This system features an optimally designed straight air flow path. Don't fall for those systems that bury the air filter in the lower fender well and have a sharp elbow prior to the MAFS. Bends prior to the MAFS will confuse the voltage signal the MAFS gives the cars electronic engine controller (EEC) resulting in less than optimal performance. Low placement of the air filter in the lower fender well can also result in water ingestion during a storm, resulting in a bent rod or other catastrophic engine failure. Yes, this is rare, but several people have shared with me that this has happened to them or someone they know.


Great for all SC & 5.0L engines and a MUST for ones with a larger MAFS and Throttle Body! Bolts up to the stock MAFS and Throttle body and larger C&L 73mm & 76mm MAFS, and 70 or 75mm BBK Throttle body


NOTE: This intake setup applies to the '91-93 5.0L V8 cars as well. In this application, the intake tube will need to be cut a few inches due to the slightly different location of the throttle body. Other than this minor change, it fits great.


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