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SPECIAL: '91-93 5.0L SCP 3-Piece Accessory Underdrive Pulley Set

Made specifically for your '91-93 5.0L Tbird or Cougar! An easy bolt on that yields 12 to 15 HP.

$140.99 $96.99

SUMMER SPECIAL: 5.0L BOLT ON PACKAGE: Throttle Body and Underdrive Pulleys

Bolt on an easy 20 HP with our two item 5.0L BOLT ON Package!
$296.98 $230.99

76mm Mass Air Flow Housing (same as C&L)

A larger MAF Housing is an awesome intake power upgrade for virtually any engine. These American made housings provide proper calibration with a range of fuel injector sizes through the use of interchangeable sampling tubes within the body of the housing.

V8 Mount Package - Includes Motor / Trans / X-mber / Diff Mounts. SAVE $

Get rid of those wimpy fluid filled mounts that are prone to leaking and collapsing and also upgrade your rubber x-member and diff bushings to polyurethane for improved support and longevity.


'91-93 5.0L V8 Remanufactured Engine - Long Block

If your engine has failed or is getting tire, then the smart choice is to install a factory remanufactured engine rebuilt to the current Ford Motor Company specifications. 1991 through 1993 specification engines are available in a long block form.


'89-92 ABS Brake Actuator (Master Cylinder) Assy. - REMANUFACTURING

SCP is now offering a remanufacturing service for your original ABS actuator assembly for the '89-92 Tbird/Cougars. Your unit will be completely disassembled, cleaned, and remanufactured to like new condition.


V8 Solid Rubber Motor Mounts - Pair

Upgrade your weak fluid filled (hydraulic) motor mounts to our solid rubber V8 mounts today! An awesome upgrade on every 4.6L or 5.0L engine, from stock to highly modified.


Custom SCT Performance Computer Chip - Single Program

Our SCT chips are individually custom programmed specific to your car and its modification to optimize performance.