REAR Big Brake Package #3

Experience dramatically shorter stopping distances and be assured of consistent, fade-free braking under severe duty conditions.


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Experience dramatically shorter stopping distances and be assured of consistent, fade-free braking under severe duty conditions. This package is an excellent increase in braking capacity compared to the 10" diameter stock rotors. Also, this package visually fills up your open style larger diameter after market wheel. The stock rear brake setup looks embarrassingly small compared to our Big Brake #3 kit.


Includes: A pair of massive 11.65" diameter Msport cross drilled and slotted rear one-piece premium cross drilled and slotted rotors, Carbon Metallic brake pads, and a relocating bracket to move your existing rear caliper outwards so it will allow use of the larger rotor. Your existing brakes lines can be reused.


This package is designed all '89 - '98 Thunderbirds/Cougars/Mark VIIIs with factory rear disc brakes and it will fit within a 15" or larger wheel.   Unfortunately, our rotor supplier does not offer a rotors redrill service so you will have to slot the existing hold pattern 1/8" inward on all five holes or drill a new 5 x 4.25" hole pattern in between the provided 5 x 4.5" pattern.   The first option is relatively easy to do as the rotor holes are simply there to create clearance for the wheel lug studs.   The rotor holes do not need to be super precise, only offer clearance for the studs.


NOTE: Some year rear spindles may require a minor bit of grinding to allow clearance for the new caliper spacer.

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