Front Suspension Poly Bushings for the Front of the Strut Rod - Set for both sides

This item is for a set of four front poly strut rod bushings (FSRB) to upgrade both sides of your car.

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This item is for a set of four front strut rod bushings (FSRB), inner steel sleeves and washers to replace both side of your car.


The front strut rod bushings often go bad after 60,000 to 80,000 miles and result in a clunking sensation in your front end when going over bumps. The front suspension strut rod has bushings at each end (front and rear where it goes through the lower control arms). This item is for a set of polyurethane front bushings to replace the stock rubber bushings at the front of the strut rod.


PLEASE NOTE there are FSRBs commonly available in the aftermarket using thermoplastic material from Moog, AC Delco, Mevotech, Quick Steer, SKP and likely other sources and I have one thing to say about them. DON'T BUY THEM! THEY ARE JUNK and will not perform as expected!  You will be lucky if they last 12 months of normal driving.  Ours are upgraded American made graphite impregnated poly material and will last 15+ years like your originals did!


If you are changing out your lower control arm then I would DEFINITELY encourage you to change the rear SRBs as the strut rod goes directly through the lower control arm and these bushings support it at that point. Why put worn out bushings back in the car when these are a known high wear item?


NOTE:   Care needs to be taken during installation and alignment not  to bind or twist these bushings.   Polyurethane is a great bushing material but not in a twisting/shearing condition which can result if during install or aligning you try to slide the bushings along the strut rod improperly by over tightening one of the adjustment nuts on either side.   Movement along the rod needs to be done by loosening the bolt in which direction you want them to go while tightening the other.   This will slide the bushings without twisting which is proper.  Binding the bushings can result in premature failure.     SCP will email installation instructions showing all this but if we forget please ask us to do so.

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