NEW BATCH Crank Position Sensor - Gen 1 & 2 V6 SHO

Reproductions of the obsolete Gen 1 and 2 SHO Crankshaft Position Sensors!
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Reproductions of the obsolete Gen 1 and 2 SHO Crank Sensors!!


Brand New Crank Position Sensors for the Gen 1 & 2 V6 SHO models.  This "Gotta Have It or the car won't start" part has been obsolete for years and the large aftermarket companies such as Standard Motor Products are not going to offer them any longer.   These are as accurate to the originals as possible and have been tested to perform identically to the factory sensors..  We encourage you to consider buying one for your car and perhaps one or two extras to put on the "some day I'll need this" shelf. 


THIS INFO IS VERY IMPORTANT AS WELL:   The accurate positioning of these sensors has always been crucial.   You need to have equal space on both sides of the trigger vanes to the slot on the sensor so the vanes do not potentially make contact with the sensor during initial start up.   We suggest turning the engine over slowly with a breaker bar to verify there will be no interference.    Ignoring this step will bring you right back here to order another one.


One Year Warranty.

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