LPW Ultra IRS Cover - Black Finish

LPW's Ultra IRS covers add much needed strength to vehicles with independent rear suspension!
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The Thunderbird / Cougar / Mark VIII IRS cover is a weak point on higher power cars and many have broken during a hard launch.   The LPW upgraded 8.8" rear differential covers are a saving grace item that solves this problem. 

  • Incorporates the factory chassis mounts
  • Made from a high tensile aluminum alloy
  • Eliminates case distortion
  • Controls unwanted gear deflection
  • Provides additional clearance for low gear ratios
  • Allows aftermarket main caps and main cap stud kit installation
  • Increases fluid capacity
  • Reduces operating temperatures
  • Correct mounting fasteners included
  • Step-by-step instructions for a simple bolt-on installation
  • Available in a silver finish or black powder coated at additional cost.

We highly suggest you mate this upgraded diff cover with our Beefy Rear Diff Mount and our poly front diff mounts for ultimate strength of your 8.8" housing and the mounting of it.

We can get any of the LPW products so if you have another application please call us for the Lowest Price Available Anywhere!

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