Magnum Powers Performance Products

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Magnum Powers 10% Overdrive Crankshaft Pulley

This billet aluminum crank pulley is significantly lighter than the stock steel crank pulley and best of allows for another 10% of overdrive on the supercharger without worrying about belt slippage. Typically adds 3 to 4 psi of boost.


Belt To Be Used With The Magnum Powers 10% Crank Pulley

This is the proper high quality belt you will need when running the Magnum Powers 10% overdrive crankshaft pulley.


Magnum Powers Upgraded '94/95 Inlet Plenum

Typical gains are 20 to 30 HP over the stock inlet plenum, when combined with a 85mm Tbody. Fatten up your torque curve and enjoy the power from the MP High Flow Plenum!


Magnum Powers Supercharger Rebuilding Service

Magnum Powers can re-build your early or late model Eaton blower and save you money!


Magnum Powers Supercharger "S" Porting and Rebuild

If your original '89-95 supercharger is in need of a rebuild and you are looking for budget minded performance upgrades also, this is the perfect solution for you.