Supercharged SC/XR7 Specific Parts

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145 MPH Speedo - Fits '89-96 Tbirds/Cougars

Good used '94/95 Tbird SC 145 mph speedo. This is a super easy replacement unit for your existing 120 mph unit. Pull out the old one and put this one in its place. That's it!

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'91-93 Blower Motor Control Module - Used

If you have a '91-93 Thunderbird or Cougar (and I've heard Ford used this same item on other applications as well) it is a common problem for this module to go bad resulting in no fan or temperature control. Part # F1SH-19E624-AC
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Tbird SC 16" factory wheels - Early style

SCP has an Excellent set of used early style 16 x 7" wheels. Center caps included! We do have four available and would prefer to sell them as a set, not individually.

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Used ALL RED Tbird LED Trunk Panels

This item is a pair of ALL RED LED trunk panels in EXCELLENT condition. Buy one or the pair.

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M5R2 Transmission from a '89-93 Tbird SC

This item is a good used '91 Tbird SC M5R2 transmission. This car had approx. 90K miles on it is known to be a good shifting trans.

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Used '89-93 Tbird SC Engine - Long Block ++

We currently have a used '89-93 style Tbird SC engine available. This was purchased from a salvage car so its internal condition is unknown but it turns over fine and the oil looks fine (no brown mud). It is a complete long block assembly plus extra components like the front cover, oil pump, several pulleys, oil pan, lower intake, and more.

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Lightweight Aluminum Mark VIII Rear Lower Control Arms

Pair of excellent used Mark VIII rear lower control arms.

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'89-93 Thunderbird Front Bumper

This item is a front bumper for the '89-93 Thunderbird.

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