TUBULAR Rear Upper Control Arms - Pair

SCP continues to develop & manufacture AWESOME suspension parts for the MN12/FN10 chassis. These tubular rear upper arms take your car to the next level!

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These lightweight tubular rear upper control arms are simply awesome for a variety of reason:

  • Lighter than the stamped steel factory bits.  15% lighter!
  • MUCH stiffer than originals
  • Has a rugged lifetime spherical bearing installed that uses the factory bolts
  • Are built slightly longer so proper camber alignment can be achieved on lowered cars.  Your rear tires will not wear out prematurely.   These will work fine on stock height cars too.
  • Reduces wheel hop issues.

Upgrade your car with these race inspired control arm to totally transform your ride and handling capabilities.

This is for a pair of arms for both sides.

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