Competition Cams Xtreme Energy 3.8L V6 SC Stage 1 Camshaft

A brand new performance camshaft from Comp Cams! No core required. NOT A REGRIND!

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A brand new CUSTOM performance camshaft from Comp Cams! No core required. NOT A REGRIND!


This Stage 1 cam is a billet 5160 steel design and is considered a terrific replacement camshaft for the early SCs as they had a decent cam from the factory. The newer cars had a cam designed more for idle quality than performance, so this cam would be an awesome upgrade.



RPM Operating Range: 1200-5800 RPM

Duration: Advertised Intake 259, Advertised Exhaust 271.

@ .050" Intake 204, @ .050" Exhaust 216

Valve Lift: Intake .490, Exhaust .490

Lobe Separation Angle: 114


Your stock springs, retainers, keepers may be reused but upgrading to premium components and stiffer valve springs is always recommended.