Rear Subframe Bushing Kit - Premium UHMW WITH Bolts

Super Coupe Performance has developed a set of UHMW bushings to upgrade your rear subframe. The kit is a set four upper and four lower mounts and a NEW set of bolts are included as well!

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Super Coupe Performance has developed a set of premium UHMW bushings with internal steel sleeve to upgrade your rear subframe.

This kit is a set of four upper and four lower mounts and a set of four NEW subframe bolts.


The complete rear subframe on the '89/97 Tbirds/Cougars and the '93/98 Mark VIIIs is supported at four points to the body of the car. There is one upper and one lower bushing at each point, for a total for eight bushings. These bushings are a huge source of movement and instability when trying to optimize handling and performance for these vehicles. The rubber bushings simple are not up to the task when pushed hard.


Expect crisp handling, dramatically improved launching of the car during a "drag race" type start, and a reduction in wheel hop! Overall, the car will feel more secure on the road in all situations.


Ride comfort may be reduced ever so slightly compared to the factory rubber bushings but you will find the benefits FAR outweight the insignificant negatives.  For your information the entire front subframe is rigidly mounted to the body with only bolts so mounting the rear more rigidly is not going to affect the ride. Customers who have these on their cars are saying the ride is still excellent!

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