'93-95 4.6L DOHC SCP/Kooks 3/4 Length Torque Headers - 304 STAINLESS

1 5/8" Primaries flow into a 2 1/2" Collector. Made from mandrel bent 304 STAINLESS Steel material. This purchase is for a PAIR of headers (right/left).


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1 5/8" Primaries flow into a 2 1/2" Collector. Made from mandrel bent 304 STAINLESS Steel material. This purchase is for a PAIR of headers (right/left).


Includes the EGR fitting and the O2 Sensor fittings. We offer these headers specifically for the '93-95 Marks to fit their EGR fittings properly. The '96-98 models have two additional EGR tubes/fittings which is slightly more costly.


Uncork your 4.6L exhaust and let that V8 exhale with authority! The 3/4 length design will augment low end torque and provides plenty of room after the header for a smooth down tube and catalytic converters (if used).


Because these headers are significantly longer length than the factory manifolds, they require Oxygen sensors with longer leads. It is always a good idea to replace your O2 sensor at 60,000 mile internals as they gradually degrade over time. If needed, we can provide these long lead sensors for you. If you happen to have recently replaced your stock O2s then we also offer O2 extension harnesses to lengthen the leads.


2.5" diameter down tubes are also required to mate with our collector. We do not offer a mating down tube at this time, but any skilled local exhaust shop can bend these for you to mate with the remainder of your exhaust system. We do offer new 3-bolt header adapters with soft copper gaskets that you can use as the first part of the rest of your exhaust, as well as high flow catalytic converters in the 2.5" size at terrific pricing. Let us know if you would like either of these to use in your down tubes.


Custom made by Kooks Custom Headers, exclusively for Super Coupe Performance, LLC.  

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Oxygen Sensor - Long Lead

When using the SCP/Kooks headers the collectors where the oxygen sensors are located is moved substantially rearward. You will have to use either our new long lead oxygen sensors or some O2 sensor extensions.


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