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AJE Tubular Front Subframe with Control Arms / Motor Mounts

Anthony Jones Engineering (AJE) has totally redesigned and dramatically improved their tubular Thunderbird/Cougar/Mark VIII front subframe. Comes with new A-arm type lower control arms.

80# High Flow Siemens Fuel Injectors - Set of 8

For those Big Dogs out there that need the necessary fuel to support horsepower levels way over 500+ RWHP, these high impedance 80# injectors is what you need so there is some safety factor left in your injectors.


SOS Individual Coil-On-Plugs - for the '97/98 Mark VIII, SET OF 8

For Ford 4.6 and 5.4 V8 owners, the distress calls for the COP (Coil On Plug) Ignition Systems have finally been answered! Performance Distributors is now offering the SOS (Sultans Of Spark) high performance coils for the Ford modular V8 engines. Advanced technology has allowed us to pack more electrifying voltage into these small coils for tire roasting performance out of your late model Ford V8.


V8 Solid Rubber Motor Mounts - Pair

Upgrade your weak fluid filled (hydraulic) motor mounts to our solid rubber V8 mounts today! An awesome upgrade on every 4.6L or 5.0L engine, from stock to highly modified.


1 IN STOCK: 80mm Mass Air Flow Sensor Kit with Conical Filter

This meter is capable of supplying abundant air to even the most potent of Mark VIIIs.


MAFS Replacement Sampling Tubes

Required when you upgrade your fuel injectors. Available for 19, 24, 30, 36, 38, and 42# injectors.


Custom Performance Computer Chip - 1 or More Programs

Our SCP chips are individually custom programmed specific to your car and its modification to optimize performance.


4.6L POLISHED ALUMINUM 3 Piece Accessory Underdrive Pulley Set

Includes a new polished alternator and water pump, and black finish crankshaft pulley. All 3 pieces are lightweight aluminum. Requires changing to a six rib accessory belt from the '96-98 Mustang Cobra. We can provide a premium Goodyear Gatorback style belt to suite this kit.