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V6 Mount Package - Includes Motor / Trans / X-mber / Diff Mounts

Get rid of those wimpy fluid filled mounts that are prone to leaking and collapsing and also upgrade your rubber x-member and diff bushings to polyurethane for improved support and longevity.



Replace those wimpy fluid filled mounts for better performance and substantially improved durability. Simply the finest mounts available for your car and ours don't raise the center of gravity of your engine. No perceptible increase in vibration or we will give your money back!

$65.99 $60.99

3.8L V6 Screamin' Demon Coil Pack

The supercharged Thunderbird SC & Cougar XR7, Mustang V6, and later model regular V6 Tbird/Cougar owners can now increase the spark intensity of the 3.8 liter ignition by installing Performance Distributors' new Screamin' Demon Coil! This is the first high performance coil available for these engines.


Griffin Radiator Logo Cap - 17 psi

A great option for those ordering the Griffin aluminum radiators. This Griffin rad cap has their logo on it, adds a classy appearance, and fits your new rad perfectly.


SCP Economy OEM Type Replacement Radiator

The Griffin radiators are definitely the way to go for those looking for increased cooling capacity, but we offer these original replacement type rads for those on a strict budget.


SCP Pressure Release Radiator Cap - For Stock Rad.

A great item that allows to you to easily remove the air in your cooling system. Highly recommended!


'89-92 ABS Brake Actuator (Master Cylinder) Assy. - REMANUFACTURING

SCP is now offering a remanufacturing service for your original ABS actuator assembly for the '89-92 Tbird/Cougars. Your unit will be completely disassembled, cleaned, and remanufactured to like new condition.


Custom SCT Performance Computer Chip - Single Program

Our SCT chips are individually custom programmed specific to your car and its modification to optimize performance.