Lightweight Front Coil Over Kit - With Single Adjustable QA1 Shocks

Super Coupe Performance has again taken suspension tuning to a NEW LEVEL! Perfect for optimum handling on the street or track.

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Super Coupe Performance has again taken suspension tuning to a NEW LEVEL! Perfect for optimum handling on the street or track.


Our front suspension fully adjustable coil over kit allows for:

* Adjustable vehicle height to lower center of gravity. Expect a 1" drop, up to 3".

* Adjustable compression and rebound valving simultaneously. One knob allows you to choose from 18 valving options allowing total suspension control.

* Extremely low weight! The stock springs, shocks, and shock mounts weigh approx. 25 pounds per corner while this new set is only 10 pounds!

* Customer chooses their own spring rate to suite their driving style and desired comfort level.


This kit includes two front coil over shock assemblies, less springs. A new upper shock mount is part of the package as well as most all hardware. You will reuse the nuts from your original upper shock mounts and also reuse the nut/bolt at the bottom where your shock yoke attaches to the lower control arm.


The shocks are QA1 Proma Star single adjustable. They are lightweight aluminum, 100% Dyno Tested and Serialized, Revalveable and Rebuildable by the QA1 Factory or QA1 Authorized Service Centers, and American made. A one year factory warranty applies. We can offer a upgraded double adjustable pair of shocks as a $210 option on top of the pricing shown. The double adjustable shocks are highly recommended for drag racing, open road course racing, or anyone wanting the ultimate in chassis tuning. Call us to order these.


Springs are not included with this kit. Customers can purchase these from SCP or a supplier of their choice. Purchase a pair of 12" long x 2.5" diameter coil over springs to suite their car's weight, intended use and modifications. A 450# rate spring is a good starting point for full weight car and a 400# rate spring is suggested for lighter cars. You can choose from a QA1 spring, Afco, or many other manufacturers. They are typically around $40-60 each.


Bump stops for this front kit are not included and are not absolutely necessary but can be purchased from SCP for $9.99/pair.   Also, we highly recommend you purchase our Coil Over Wrench Kit to aid in installation and adjustments in the future.


Note: Always align car after lowering ride height and you may run out of alignment adjustments if you lower the car to the extent of the kits capability.

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