QA1 Premium TWO Coil-Over Shock Adjusting Kit

If you purchase either of our Coil-Over kits you MUST HAVE these wrenches so they are offered as an optional item to these kits. This is our PREMIUM kit which makes adjustments WAY EASIER!!

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Having the proper tools is always a blessing and when it comes to your coil-over shocks these tools make it easy to adjust preload, remove springs, replace springs and adjust the coil overs for ride height.


This spanner wrench kit includes one wrench for the spring seat adjuster nut and one wrench for the lock nut.    Don't waste time trying to adjust your coil-overs with a screwdriver and hammer, get the proper tools and stop being a tool.    This PREMIUM kit also also includes TWO Torrington bearings to replace the standard thrust washers at the top of the springs which makes adjusting the ride height / preload WAY easier.  This kit assumes you are buying either the front or rear kit separately as it covers TWO coil-overs.    If you want to do all four coil-overs then buy the kit the appropriate kit called "QA1 Premium FOUR Coil-Over Shock Adjusting Kit"