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Front Subframe Suspension Support Brace - Awesome & EASY to install!

The Heavy Duty Front Suspension Support Brace is designed to substantially increase the support of the front suspension pick-up points for alignment accuracy and consistency. The FSSB also stabilizes the front suspension while significantly improving the handling and feel of the car.


Front Subframe Lower Engine Cradle Brace Kit - A MUST for every car!

The lower engine cradle is tied together with the cars body with these braces for a huge payoff in front suspension rigidity. Dramatic improvents in the handling feel are achieved with the beefed up front end. Also, it is well known that high powered cars are developing cracks in the firewall area and these braces are designed to address such damage.


SCP Pinion Brace - Huge Diff Housing Support Upgrade!

The Super Coupe Performance Pinion Brace fits all 1989-97 Thunderbirds and Cougars, as well as the 1993-98 Lincoln Mark VIIIs. The pinion brace mounts to the front lower control arm bolts and the differential bolts thus tying all 4 points together to provide better pinion angle control and a stiffer subframe. No subframe modifications are need as the pinion brace is truly an easy bolt on!


Rear Lower Control Arm Spring Perches for Lightweight Mark VIII Arms

This item is for a pair of 6061 T6 light weight aluminum rear spring perches when using the Lincoln Lower Control Arms. Our "hollow/welded" design is incredibly light.


Rear Spring Cups - Poly Upper and Lower

Are you unhappy with the ride height of the rear of your car? Do you have a large stereo and the car sits low in the rear? Well, this common problem is now easily solved with our poly upper/lower rear spring cups.


TUBULAR Rear Upper Control Arms - Pair

SCP continues to develop & manufacture AWESOME suspension parts for the MN12/FN10 chassis. These tubular rear upper arms take your car to the next level!

Front Suspension High Performance Polyurethane Bushing Kit

Firm up your front suspension with our new, all polyurethane, front suspension bushing package. Polyurethane will not degrade over time as rubber does and is guaranteed to provide an improved quality of ride and handling for years to come.


Front Poly 1 1/16" Sway Bar Bushings

Includes both front mid-section bushings.