American Air Front & Rear Coil Spring Conversion Kit - 1.5" LOWERED !

Make your '93-'98 Mark VIII a little less high-tech and a lot more reliable by installing a "4 Wheel" coil spring conversion kit. No cutting or welding required to do the conversion


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Make your '93-'98 Mark VIII a little less high-tech and a lot more reliable by installing a "4 Wheel" coil spring conversion kit. Comes with nearly everything needed to do the conversion with no modifications or welding needed.


This is the best conversion kit on the none! 100% AMERICAN MADE! NOTE THAT THE SPRINGS USED IN THIS KIT ARE MANUFACTURED BY EIBACH, HERE IN THE USA! Now offered in the 1.5" lowered version for improved handling and improved appearance!


Don't fall for the inferior kits you find on Ebay. They are all made in China and we have sold plenty of the American Air kits to customers who first thought they would try to save a buck and try Ebay. Go with the kit that is preferred by those on the Mark VIII enthusiast web sites.


This kit includes all items necessary to eliminate your air suspension at both the front and rear. This kit will lower  the ride height of your Mark by 1.5 inches. You are getting a spring/shock for the front and the rear springs. If you want a matched set of rear shocks they are available separately. We also highly recommend our polyurethane rear shock mount kit as the factory rubber bushings are well known to fail. See our "Related Items" link below to easily find these items.


Front only, or rear only kits are available also. Call us to inquire!


NOTE: As an alternative we offer this same kit that retains the stock ride height.

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