M5R2 Manual Trans

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Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing Limited Slip Differential

SCP has sourced just a few of these AWESOME LSD units from Quaife that are New Old Stock (NOS). Get em' while you can!!
$1,200.00 $759.99

LPW Ultra IRS Cover - Black Finish

LPW's Ultra IRS covers add much needed strength to vehicles with independent rear suspension!

LPW Ultra IRS Cover - Silver Finish

LPW's Ultra IRS covers add much needed strength to vehicles with independent rear suspension!

M5R2 Fiber Lined Synchro Set - Includes 1-5 and Reverse

The Tbird/XR7 M5R2 5-speed manual transmission is known for wearing out synchronizers due to the cars weight and the engines high torque. FoMoCo used to offer fiber lined replacements, which were the original style, but these have become obsolete.


M5R2 Transmission Fluid Upgrade Kit

While doing a rebuild, or while doing timely maintenance we always recommending changing out your factory fluid with full Synthetic ATF and a bottle of Friction Modifier for substantially improved shift feel. You will be amazed at how much better your old trans will feel after this swap!


BEEFY Poly Rear Differential Mount - A MUST HAVE ITEM !

Our "Beefy" polyurethane rear different mount is a HUGE improvement over the weak stock unit with its thin metal and flexible rubber. Wheel hop and general movement of the rear sub-frame starts with a weakly supported differential.


Traction-Lok (Posi) Assembly for 8.8" Rear End - 28 Spline - IRS Specific!

Complete new Traction-Lok (TL) assembly! This TL unit is designed to specifically fit the Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) cars such as the '89-97 Tbirds/Cougars, the '93-98 Mark VIIIs, and the 28-spline IRS Cobras. The TL units from a solid axle car are NOT compatible with the IRS applications.


SCP Pinion Brace

The Super Coupe Performance Pinion Brace fits all 1989-97 Thunderbirds and Cougars, as well as the 1993-98 Lincoln Mark VIIIs. The pinion brace mounts to the front lower control arm bolts and the differential bolts thus tying all 4 points together to provide better pinion angle control and a stiffer subframe. No subframe modifications are need as the pinion brace is truly an easy bolt on!