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Rear Lower Control Arm Bushings - Inner (Tbird/Cougar only)

A pair of premium original equipment type replacement bushings for the rear lower control arm. These are the two INNER bushing for the lower arm.


Rear "UHMW" Mark VIII Lower Control Arm Bushings (or Tbird/Cougar with Upgraded Mark VIII Arms)...Pair

This item is for a pair of bushings for one rear Mark VIII style aluminum lower control arm (LCA). This item is sold "per side" so purchase two if you want a complete set for both sides. This item is designed for all years of Lincoln Mark VIII and '89-97 Tbird/Cougars that have been switched to the Mark VIII LCAs.


Rear Upper Control Arm Bushing - Inner for T-Bird/Cougar/Mark VIII

A premium original equipment type replacement bushing for the rear upper control arm. This is the INNER bushing for the upper arm. NOTE: THE INNER PART OF THE BUSHING DOES ROTATES SEPARATE FROM THE OUTSIDE ON THESE LIKE THE ORIGINALS!!


TUBULAR Rear Upper Control Arms - Pair

SCP continues to develop & manufacture AWESOME suspension parts for the MN12/FN10 chassis. These tubular rear upper arms take your car to the next level!

Rear Suspension Toe Compensator

Don't forget to replace your Toe Compensator when overhauling your rear suspension. These are likely worn out if your car has over 100K miles.


Rear Poly 23mm Sway Bar Mid-section Bushings - Pair

Installing a pair of stiffer poly rear sway bar mid-section bushings will make your stock bar act stiffer compared to the mushy rubber stock bushings. The benefit is no where as near as great as the larger Addco bars but certainly a great bang-for-the-buck considering their price!


Polyurenthane Rear Sway Bar End Link Rebuild Kit - 3/4" Wide

Do you hear a rattling sound from your old worn out rear sway bar end links? Your rubber end link bushings are WAY over a decade old and they are likely in need of repair. We offer a complete rebuild kit that replaces the rubber bushings with superior poly material!

$37.99 $27.54

Rear Shorter Sway Bar Link Kit - with Poly Bushings (PAIR)

Whenever you install lowering springs without installing shorter rear sway bar end links the bar ends will be pointing upwards significantly. This reduces the effectiveness of your sway bar and will negatively alter the handling characteristics of your car.