T-Bird / Cougar Specials & What's New

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Front Suspension Kit - Stage 2 for Tbird/Cougar

Our Stage 2 kit includes everything in our Stage 1 kit and upgrades many of the bushings to polyurethane and adds our Accurate Steering Package

Coil Over Shock Wrench Kit

If you purchase either of our Coil Over kits you MUST HAVE these wrenches so they are offered as an optional item to these kits.

SUMMER SPECIAL: Rear Torsional Load Brace for IRS Suspension

The rear torsional load brace is designed to improve the rigidity of the rear lower control arms during aggressive handling situations. Maintaining rear suspension alignment is dramatically improved and overall handling is elevated to the next level. Our new design utilizes a lower profile for significantly more clearance. If you have larger diameter exhaust the fit may be tight, but should be fine as long as the piping is kept up high like the factory setup.

$169.99 $164.99

Rear "UHMW" Mark VIII Lower Control Arm Bushings (or Tbird/Cougar with Upgraded Mark VIII Arms)...Pair

This item is for a pair of bushings for one rear Mark VIII style aluminum lower control arm (LCA). This item is sold "per side" so purchase two if you want a complete set for both sides. This item is designed for all years of Lincoln Mark VIII and '89-97 Tbird/Cougars that have been switched to the Mark VIII LCAs.


SOLD SOLD SOLD: Desert Super Coupe FOR SALE: Needs Mechanical Work

FOR SALE: RUST FREE Thunderbird SC from a desert climate.

TUBULAR Rear Upper Control Arms - Pair

SCP continues to develop & manufacture AWESOME suspension parts for the MN12/FN10 chassis. These tubular rear upper arms take your car to the next level!

Accurate Steering Package - Save $10

Going fast is fun but steering where you want to go is actually much more important. This package offers our premium quality inner/outer tie rods, poly outer tie rod boots, and our poly rack/pinion bushings.

Set of 3 Steel Idlers - Save $10

These steel replacement idler pulleys will substitute for the original plastic ones that are likely worn out on your 3.8L SC motor if it has more than 100K miles. The original bearings can seize at any time leaving you stranded. They are also much quieter as they do not develop bumps on the outside diameter as the stock plastic pulleys do.

$71.99 $61.99